Best accessories you must buy for your GoPro?

GoPro cameras are amazing!

They are best friends of every traveler cum photographers - human beings who are hybrid combination of both worlds - which means they have their set of unique requirements from the camera like the camera should be sturdy, strong ( enough to withstand sudden drops ), is water proof, records videos with lesser shakes, is light and small, supports time lapse ( travelers these days are in love with them ) and this list keeps on growing.

We love the quality of the pictures it takes. The video stabilization is excellent. User friendly. 4K video recording is the most awesome feature in this camera.

Some more benefits:
- Its like your palm size , can be fit into your pocket as well.
- Control it with one button situated at top (for taking pictures, recording videos) or by voice command as well ( Say - GoPro Turn Off like commands ).
- Perfect companion in tight and crowded places where you can use it easily and put back into pocket .
- Video capture , image capture , time lapse and other features like image burst all included with ease of use.
- in built mic and if you want to buy external mic like rode and all buy a extension ( usb c to Audio jack connector )
- it really helped us shooting Videos for Workouts , travelling, vlogging and all hassle free.
- easy to use , simple to understand and no such fancy settings like Dslr .

One recommendation - Always get the official GoPro accessories as the original accessories have such a great quality that you will be proud of your choice. Yes, there are cheaper options available and they may look equally good but you never know when your GoPro falls down from the accessory. Then the loss would be in multiples of the savings you did by purchasing accessories of inferior quality.

Once you are done with buying your GoPro Camera, you must buy following accessories to expand the possibilities with your GoPro:

1. GoPro AFHGM-002 The Handler (Black)

Ever seen the Vloggers recording videos while walking/ trekking - most likely they are using the Official GoPro Handler which is light and easily portable. Check more details by clicking here.

2. GoPro Super Suit AADIV-001 Dive Housing for HERO5 Black

Ever thought of going for Scuba Diving and recording the videos of Corals, fishes and whatever marine life you will discover in the deep sea? You definitely need a Dive Housing for that.

Click here to check details about it.

3. GoPro AGTSM-001 Pole Mount

This is a great accessory for the Bicycles and other vehicles where there is a pole like structure. This is highly rated accessory and great for bicycling enthusiasts.

Click here to check details about it.

4. SanDisk Extreme 64GB MicroSDXC Memory Card

Memory Card is critically important

Since the video files and photographs clicked byGoPro are in high resolution, therefore the file size is massive as well. But since memory cards are usualyl having 20Mbps speed, you must buy Memory Card which has A1 sign on that and has Class 3 which are one of the fastest classes of Memory cards and which makes the process of recording videos using GoPro faster.

This is a must buy for every GoPro owner.

Click here to check details about it.

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