frugality in starting up - source most likely linkedin

My office is located in a small apartment on the top floor. It gets unbearably hot in the day. I have an AC in my room that I keep switched off most of the times (except when I feel I’m going to faint from the heat). I’m not trying to save electricity but I don't use it because the rest of my team is sitting under the fan right outside. Even if I use it for a few minutes, I keep the door open. I just think it’s not fair to be “comfortable” when my team is not.  Can’t buy an AC for the outer room just yet. I told my team that, I would get the cooler from my home for them. They couldn’t see why. I was told that the fan is good enough and that there’s no need for the cooler. One guy in particular remarked, “Its not that hot here.” I heard him and looked down to see - I wasn’t wearing any footwear - it’s what I do when I’m feeling too hot in the office and haven’t switched on the AC. I walk around bare feet. We are a startup and we are all struggling in some way or the other. Whether it be the heat, the limited budgets, the extra effort and work, or the challenges ... we are all in it together. And we are all doing our best to stay optimistic, confident and cool. Three cheers to that, wouldn’t you say?


source - linkedin ; unknown

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