How to have an amazing Career?

Career is something everyone cares about. People spend their lives struggling in it’s betterment. No doubt it’s one of the most critical things in anyone’s lives. Then why is it very challenging for millions of people around ? What is it which sets apart an overachiever / overperformer from underachiever or underperformer.

There are so many factors which defines the success in career and most certainly Luck is overrated. As there is no substitute of hard work and relentless work ethics as celebrities like Will Smith put it.

One has to struggle, master the craft of the skill you are into and continue to beat on the craft until you become the master ofit.

There is a saying “Work your ass off until you are identified by your work and you no longer have to introduce yourself”.

In past 5 years, I have spent thousands of hours reading and watching career related resources and I have come to the conclusion that there is plenty of inspiration out there. Take some of it and work your ass off in the field you dream to be into. As there is a saying “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” which absolutely isn’t cliché. It is the truth and one realizes it sooner or later. So if you don’t want to be victim of inspiration hoarder then take a piece of paper and write about what is it that makes your life worth living, what is it which leads to sleepless night, what is the cause which moves you.  Now take a hard look into it, that’s your goal of your life. Now Take it and write down 11 ways to achieve it ( it could be anything , important part is to write the possible ways. If you could think of more then write them as well ).

Every large thing is made up of small bits or atoms and together they form some meaningful object. Same goes with Skill or the Dreams / Goals.

Once you have identified your goal, now you have to focus on achieving it by dissecting it into smaller set of goals.

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