Increasing Productivity - Getting rid of clutter

With 2 mail accounts , with subscriptions of various services like twitter ,facebook, etc.
Problem started when frequency of receiving e-mails increased , along with my utter reluctance to delete them periodically . eventually my inbox have become massive giant of clutter . looking at them was annoying and shear waste of time .
Along with about 80,000 unread mails , i had over 1,00,000 files i hoarded in 4 files from internet - in a hope that i will finish reading them during my duration but ended up finishing only 100 of them.

I have spent 100s of hours in categorising each of them and it was pure waste of time , money , and other important things .

So how to get rid of the mess ?

What I did was :
(i) Creating different e-mail ids for 3 major groups -
i. Family & Friends
ii. Business
iii. Everything else

(ii) Unsubscribe from all unimportant services :
i. Facebook sends so many notifications via e-mail which is annoying . Unsubscribe them .
Same goes with Twitter.
ii. Unsubscribe from rest of the unimportant services .
At bottom of every marketing e-mail you will see "Unsubscribe* link , click it , it will take you to Unsubscribing option .
Complete the process .

(iii). Install a e-mail client : Thunderbird - Awesome , Free E-mail client available for all major Operating System Families : Linux , Windows , Mac
Log in using your e-mail account's credentials .
If you use Gmail services , your settings will be automatically detected .
Sort the emails according to the sender,
Delete the e-mails in bulk by selecting specific sender like Facebook .

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