Sleep early to keep sane

Below I am sharing some of my sleeping experiments as I have tried all combinations of sleeping time -- from sleeping at 2 AM and waking up at 6 AM to sleeping at 10 PM and waking up at 4/5/6/7 AM, and a few variations in between and some of my key observations are as follows:

  1. If I sleep at 10 PM, I can wake up at 5 AM and later without any fatigue in eyes or mind. I perpetually feel fresh like daisy and surely that helps in maintaining a very good health.
  2. If not 10 PM, sleeping at 11 PM is equally good provided you wake up at 6AM and any later than that is basically a luxury which I won't be having for next few years. But work out regime is delayed a little and weather gets hot as the sun pops out completely.
  3. Sleeping at 12 Mid night (00:00 hours) is worse as whenever you will wake up, you will wake up with fatigued eyes and mind and even waking up at 8 AM won't make you feel fresh.
  4. Sleeping beyond 1 PM will lead to all the negatives of sleeping at 12 Mid-night and moreover one may develop health issues which can be of thousand kinds.

Moreover, I try having a screen time cooling period of 30 minutes before sleeping to not wake up with dry/ fatigued eyes. Always hydrate your eyes as eye must be hydrated all the time while using screens excessively tries them.

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