Things I learnt from the book “4 Hour Work week”

Here are the things which I learnt from the book:

Separate income from time to create an ideal lifestyle.
Expert is a person who has made all the mistkaes that can be made in a very narrow field.
If you truly want something, focus and chase, follow up, even if that’s sending emails 32 times to a person so that they eventually give up.
Read E-mails only few times a day. That can save you couple of hours eventually.
Goal has to be to do all the things which you want to do, and to become what you truly want to be.
To be an owner, own the asset or hire people to run those.
To earn money with dreams to chase, timelines, steps included what are you working for.
Have more quality and less clutter – to have huge financial reserves but recognize that the most material wants are justifications for spending on things which dont matter. what’s your life’s purpose>
Pay day comes every day, cash flow first, big payday second.
To have freedom from doing things that you dislike, but also the freedom and resolve to pursue your dreams without reverting to work for work’s sake, Refine passions overtime and eliminate the bad ones, pursue and experience the finest,
Never fool yourself.
Free your time, location – money is 3x to 10x more than its worth depending upon where you are.
what you do shouldn’t be limited to a location.
Once you say you are going to settle for second, that’s what happens to your life as well.
Please everyone and fail. Everything population is mostly wrong.
Find odd timings to follow up for maximum conversions.
Being uniformly divergent then rest of the world.
Working and enjoying throughout the life – rock solid health is critical.
Mini retirements through life, working only when productive and the work is enjoyable.
High intensity learning.
Doing things of greater personal importance, is not laziness.
No right time for great things. Do when necessary — that’s NOW.
Someday is a disease which takes your dream to grave with you. If it is important to you, just do it now and correct during the course.
Ask for forgiveness, never for permission.

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