who is gaurang?

If you are on this page, it means that you either lost your path finding something meaningful or you are curious to know more about me. Since you are here already, there is no point in either of us not having a good time.

Childhood 101 (1990-1996)

The reasons I know of why I am named Gaurang are: My Naniji ( Maternal Grandmother ) named me after the almighty Krishna, she being a devout devotee of krishna. Whatever the reasons maybe, I absolutely love my name! ( You too? Let me know me!! ). When I was 4, I got my first computer ( thanks to my entrepreneur mum ). The love for computer have just begun. This was the time when I got admitted in my most favorite schools ( JIVA

School Days & Teen-life ( 1996 - mid 2008 )

JIVA was amazing. I used to represent my school at different Inter-School Competitions. For the most part, my life growing up was pretty normal. I did the usual things kids did - played a lot of video games ( Prince of Persia, Dave, Zool, BM, RoadRash ).

College Days & The Early Twenties (mid 2008 - 2012)

College was just begun and that was the time when I read about Suhas Gopinath. His story inspired enough to start working on Web Development. I started an edu-platform called Qwerz.com which had a basic PHP Mysql Form. During my Sophomore year, I started another website called MDU.li ( unofficial university portal) which got over 2000 registrations from my university. I was sharing resources with the people and everything was great. During the Junior year, I shut it off, started a portal called Uni2versity.com through which I wanted to build a generic curriculum for human beings around the world. I met one fantastic person whom I regard as my mentor ( even now & forever). Years passed, even that didn't flow. I started SkilledInterns - a platform to provide internships to college students. that didn't flow either. I got introduced to Art of Living then by a friend, and it did wonders in my life. I volunteered during several events.

The kids will call you HoJu (soon)! (2013 - until now)

thereafter i joined Shikshantar, met with really smart and beautiful people there. the kind of people i always wanted to surround myself. i started beingskilled - a platform to skill the world!. and boy, it is going strong. Jagriti Yatra happened the same year ( dec'13 ) and i met another set of amazing people whom i deeply adore and admire. I moved to Ahmedabad to work with a company. Started living in solidarity to strengthen up and perhaps experiments with several interests ( Traveling, Coding, Finance ) to start with.

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