Wrapping up my 20s

In the past decade, I have grown so much. From the castles in the air to getting a glimpse of the life I always had wished to live.

From being a grad from a Tier-C college to scoring not so great grades to actually working on some of the high impact works, my startups and the experience which I gained from them was utilised in my stints with some of the largest firms in the world. From being a keen explorer to an idea-hopper would suffer largely from shiny ball syndrome to sticking to just few things and goals, to live a minimalistic life which has served me greatly.

From perpetually seeking motivation and inspiration to do something to becoming an action oriented person and focusing on immediate deliverables, from becoming not so thoughtful in writings to now, a much more thoughtful writer who thinks through before speaking and writing.

Thanks to all the lords who have been blessed me so far that I got myself some of the best minds as the mentors -- Bishal Sir, I owe him almost my career as quite frankly one needs a gods hand who can give you a right opportunity at the time when you need it the most, that's what he offered me when I was looking for a job after my first switch and 3 months of job hunt. Left the job again for a stint in my startup but couldn't materialise much so joined the firm again. Working with him and the firm was transformational for my career as he wasn't the micro-manager and he trusted me well enough to let me explore and execute the tasks on hand. He would know all the topics which would become trend eventually -- one of his skills which I admired the most. Thanks so much for the endless opportunities that you have given to me.

Ashish - He's one of the mentors of mine who hired me to the firm and gave me all the opportunities an employee can dream of. His eloquence in technology and speaking is unparalleled, the skill which I have to work even more devotedly from now on. I still remember how I climbed up 8 floors for my interview at 7PM (after my office) and he brought me a glass of water to let me calm down. Such down to earth managers/ senior leaders of the firm is what an employee can dream of working with.

Devin - I never thought I would end up joining the firm (even as a contractor) but since I did, I worked, extremely hard to learn everything I could, to prove myself as an useful resource to him and the firm. He's smart, so smart that he would pick my mistakes instantly and would wait for me to come up (which I did, mostly!). Worked there for 19 months and I can't thank him enough for the opportunity I got, it surely was transformation for me. The goal of my 30s is to join the firm again and I will leave no stone unturned to achieve it.

Pratul - He was two years seniors in my bachelors college and I am grateful that I met him and he introduced me to the world of OpenSource and Drupal. I really don't know what I would have done/ achieved in my life if I wouldn't have come across these. One person can surely change the trajectory of the life, for good in this case.

I did about 120 flights in total, all of them domestic as I haven't been to anywhere else but India, Mumbai a dozen times and god, I love that city -- will be making it my home in next 2-3 years.

Completed my NMIMS NGASCE PGBMM finally and I am so glad that it's completed before entering my thirties.

I haven't been very regular in writing blogs/ content on my websites but from now I definitely will write a piece everyday.

Bought one of my favourite cars days before ending the glorious decade. More to come on this.

More action to follow in thirties.

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