My Journey so far : BeingSkilled

Imagine you have a billion dollar dream. Everyone around you has high hopes from you. And there you go, you start your startup. An edu-startup focusing on skill development.

You start recording videos in a hope that you will be guiding light for millions. After 50 retakes you create a video and you receive this feedback:

I didn't foresee that happening and my lil' Sister and Brother had a great laugh that day. Yet it was very inspiring and motivating to me. 

Absolutely clueless about what to do next, I practiced more, I watched videos of inspiring leaders who preached "how great the failures are". After over 1500 retakes, I recorded over 246 videos to Skill the fellow humans. 

Many loved them, somehow. And here is what they said: 

I was delighted to see how beautifully the community I built guarded me from the viewer who didn't understand my "Indian accent". 

I had ( and will always have ) faith in me and BeingSkilled eventually grew from having 0 subscribers - 0 views to 652 subscribers - 98,500 views ( micro e-lectures delivered ). [ as on 19-05-2015 ]

World is becoming skilled through 1 e-lecture at a time. 

That was my leapfrog moment in my entrepreneurial journey. 

- Gaurang Agrawal

founder of BeingSkilled  

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