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Social Media Asset Sizes for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Images if used in any of the Social Media posts -- must have platform specific sizes. Following are the ideal Image sizes of respective Social Media platforms:

  • Facebook 1024x 535
  • LinkedIn - 1024x 535
  • Twitter - 1024x 535 // Minimum 440 x 220 (2:1 Ratio) 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Instagram -

Website card —

  • Facebook -1,200 x 630
  • LinkedIn -
  • Twiter - 1024x 535

Sell Hard or Die

Great tools for Startups

When you are running a startup, you try to save every single penny and it’s always advised to use every resource to their maximum potential. 

I am compiling list of resources which can be great for growing startup and will save a lot of money amd time eventually.

1. Connecto

Website URL:

So why BeingSkilled ?

I have met hundreds of university students, talked to them about what they want to be, what are their ambitions. one of the common thread which ties them is that they want to make their parents proud. but thanks to the state of indian education system, they aren’t able to. primarily because they weren’t interested in their bachelors course ( perhaps because of the quality ) or because they couldn’t find themselves a decent job. 

My Journey so far : BeingSkilled

Imagine you have a billion dollar dream. Everyone around you has high hopes from you. And there you go, you start your startup. An edu-startup focusing on skill development.

You start recording videos in a hope that you will be guiding light for millions. After 50 retakes you create a video and you receive this feedback:

I didn't foresee that happening and my lil' Sister and Brother had a great laugh that day. Yet it was very inspiring and motivating to me. 

Things I have learnt from Age of Empires

Following is the list of lessons I have learnt from Age of Empires:

1. Identify critical resources for your organization without which your organization won’t thrive at all.

2. Attack your competitors when you have some viable resources / army / technology which gives your leverage.

The most admirable Brands ever

Brands are as living as we are. Brands breathe as we do. 

Following are the brands which I admire the most. 


1. Trivago

They are super passionate about what they do. They compare Hotels and lets you find the hotel you dream about.

Watch this and you will understand what I am talking about. 




1. Range Rover 

Learnings from eZDI - Tie Ahmedabad Tech Talk ( by Mr. Selvam Velmurugan ) IMDC, IIM-A New Campus, B/H CiiE Building

Following are the learnings I had during the event eZDI - Tie Ahmedabad Tech Talk ( by Mr. Selvam Velmurugan ) which I attended on 17.05.2015

Employment and Integrity

In Japan, employee’s relationship with their company is very interesting. They are mentally married to their organisation in which they regard their growth with that of the company as a result Company’s interests becomes their interests and company's loses will become their personal loses.