What's your goal out of Digital Marketing activities?

Social Marketing has become an affordable and most handy way to market businesses of all kinds and sizes. Social Media Marketing gives you ways to measure how many people did your message reach to, how many times was your post displayed to audience, how many times did the audience interact with your posts. With that in mind, we can derive our objectives of marketing, would you like your message to be seen by maximum or your post should be engaging well with the audience.

To have high organic impressions count, you need to have large number of followers so that the potential reach grows to the maximum possible.
To have more organic impressions, you would need to make post content more shareable by means of interesting insight, asset in the form of image or a video which people may find share worthy.
To have higher engagement rate - the variables here are, either the assets in the form of images or videos be interesting enough, or the CTA be valuable enough which leads users to some whitepaper, presentation, a blog post, an article. Also, try to understand the type of audience you have, what's their seniority level and present role and start creating and sharing content relevant to the audience type which may bring more engagement and shares.


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