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when ego emerges in business, everything else falls apart.

Wake up call

When you have got your fundamentals wrong in the business, the mistakes made are sometimes unforgivable.

Traits of a Leader & a great Boss

Every business has got a hierarchy with a few bosses and their many sub-ordinates.
These bosses obviously will always consider themselves as leaders, which can be very demeaning if the definition of "leader" isn't followed the way it should have.

A leader / mentor is someone who has gone through the daunting process(es) included in particular domain / work, which is to say -- leader have understood the peculiarity, nuances of the work involved in the field even if some of them were mundane tasks. They just dont have this habit of cribbing. They just do it anyways.

how to destroy your resources optimally ?

I have been pondering on this topic for a while and here is what I have came up with.

One of the best ways to optimally sub-optimize the efficiency of a resource is to fuelling them in a suboptimal way.

Suppose there is a driver who is an expert F1 racer. So we can infer that :-
1. Driver is a skilled Drive.
2. The driver is used to of F1 Cars.

Now, if you will hire that driver for races, then obviously he will be a good bet since the driver is trained to do so, is expert in the domain and usage of the tool driver uses ( F1 car in this case ).

Employer, employee and leaders

to know about how be an ideal employer, you got to learn how to be an ideal employee.

thoughts are being drafted, and will be posted by 19th August 2014 00:01 IST.

7 Business Lessons learnt after starting 7 Startups !

7 Business Lessons learnt after starting 7 Startups !

difference in perspected value of a product and service

Values are relative. as in something which is very valuable for someone may hold minimal value for someone else.
Which means that we need to identify the ones which perspect maximum value for item or service in which one is dealing or else the one will keep on struggling in attracting business and eventually making a sale.
Do you agree or disagree to agree ?

7 important business lessons - new year blog

In this amazing year 2014, my resolution is to share as much as I can, so here I am sharing most important lessons i learnt in last 5 years by running multiple ventures namely ( Qwerz, Startup4Startup,, Uni2vesity, Socio Medio, Skilled Interns ).

thoughts - steve jobs

While leading Apple, co-founder Steve Jobs learned a thing or two about failure. Dismal sales of the Apple III and its follow-up -- a computer Jobs pushed for called LISA -- caused Apple to lose nearly half its market to rival IBM in the early 1980s.

"Sometimes the market, the people [and] the idea aren't right but you have to move on, [and] try again," Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell says of Jobs. Bushnell was a longtime mentor to Jobs. "If you lose a game of chess, you still set up the game and go at it again," he says.

Why Schools should start using Linux , not Windows ?

Why Schools should start using Linux , not Windows ?
Ubuntu is powered by Linux kernal (based on Unix ) which is Open Source and is the product by thousands of world class programmers contributing their code , sharing their expertise with the Linux project voluntarily , as the part of community .
Ubuntu by far , is most usable , user friendly , Linux variant ever . Ubuntu is based on Debian , which powers most of the Corporate Servers . It contains over 20,000 Software Packages available for being installed .