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Investments : Compound Interest vs Mutual Funds ( equity )

Other day I was reading a book about how profound impact can be laid by very small yet compound alterations in habits / investments.
So, it made me wonder what will be differences in returns among Investment A : You get Compound Interest payable annually Investment B: You invest in equity & hopefully markets do fine .

Investment A : If you invest INR 3000 annually for 21 years, at the interest rate of 9% payable annually.
You would have invested INR 63000 .
Final Amount after Compound Interest in 21 years : INR 185620 .

Total CAGR : 29%

India Startup Report

This is the report by World Startup Report specific to India.

entrepreneurship lesson #2

business learnings
decide and do things after giving proper thoughts to it.
else you will waste time and regret ( sometimes at least ).

Life is all about creation of Values

Life is all about exchange of Values.

Since the day a baby is born, she starts creating value. Even a glimpse of her makes everyone smile.
When they make puppets from junkies, we play with it. Some value is created and we exchange it with smile, congratulations.

entrepreneurship lesson #1

keep emotions out of business
at pinnacle of success of one of my education portal , i had about 2385 registered users ( university students focussed portal ) . I was feeling bit low perhaps because of some personal issues . I had some strong urge and I ran query which deleted every tables in the database, immediately causing havoc. I was out of my senses ( not drunk as I don't drink ) and I realised bit late that it was all gone .
Last backup I had was of about 3 months older with 1700 users and lost incredible amount of valuable data.

Partnerships & Visions

Vision , as it supposedly mean "the faculty or state of being able to see ( the future , perhaps )" .
When we apply notion of visions in partnerships ( Business partnerships precisely ) , thing becomes more interesting with capabilities of either turning scrap into gold or jeopardizing entire mine of gold into sack of coal .

Importance of partnerships in startups ( business) has been a cliche eversince . As it mostly depends on the personality / character and most importantly "Vision" of the entrepreneur .

Getting out of Debt - Inspired by a discussion between professors of Imperial College , London

India and United Kingdom had a history . Not the pleasant one , but whatever we had with them , it left us with knowledge , infrastructure , lesser geographical area and unpleasant experience ( for many ) . But exactly how did Britishers managed to rule was , showed how vulnerable we were . All the vulnerabilities were exploited to the extent that , greatest devastation / massacre happened during rule .