Is it worth upgrading your MacBook 2011 to MacBook 2019?

So I bought my first MacBook back in August 2011 which was an early MacBook 2011 model and for 8 years it served me well enough that it will work well for coming 3-4 years. Over the time period I have used it more than 7 years on any given day.

Seeing the extent of my usage, and foreseeing how much computation power I will need for video production I was planning to purchase a new MacBook Pro.

So I started researching about latest models of MacBook Pro. Since MBP 2019 is the latest one, I considered it and started watching dozens of videos to understand what these MacBook pros are about.

I did the benchmarks of both of my machines are following is the benchmark details.

To sum up, after using my new MacBook Pro 2019 for 2 months, I am absolutely convinced that the new MacBook pros are worth the upgrade if you do heavy graphics work.

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