Why go Agile?

Since the world is going gaga about the Agile way of Project Management, let’s discuss some of the reasons why everyone is bullish about the Agile way of doing things.

Agile projects are delivered on-time because the progress is constantly tracked in form of sprints and any deviation is red-flagged in the following daily stand up meetings (DSMs).

Agile projects are generally high quality software — the reason being deep requirement gathering where every requirement is broken down into features which is divided into stories and each of those goes through extensive testing ensuring that the softwares and its components works as per the specifications.

Agile teams well construct the code and focuses on the maintaineability of the code which helps during the team expansion.

Constant feedback and DSMs keeps every stakeholder stay abrest about the development progress. Also, the final product’s failure rate stays low ensuring the happiness of users.

Agile teams estimate the efforts according to their skill set and all the sprints have fixed time which ensures that the stakeholders can have healthy work-life balance which keeps them productive and motivated as well.

Does this sound like a pretty solid reason to Go Agile?

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