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Focusing on one thing - Your Ultimate Goal

With abundance in life, focusing becomes insanely hard and it becomes a critical skill to acquire. With abundance, your mind and heart aren't at peace and they keep on hopping around and are bombarded perpetually with thoughts. It is really hard to stop the ray of thoughts which consumes all of your cognitive senses and clogs your mind and drains all of your energies.

Your body and spirit needs peace, serenity and involvement with activities which you are passionate about. Meditate on it, know what is it that you deeply desire, identify your needs and find ways to fulfill them.

Key pointers from Nasscom Emerge Conclave Gurgaon

Globalisation new retail formats 
Internal collaborations data centric 
SME to leverage IT - adoption will result in 6.2 M jobs 
Every city is battle field 
Absolute business model clarity 
Break down every process service into its component and standardise it  - to be done before expanding 
Can’t see probe emerging in new area
Franchising too early - Threat for business’ health
How to hire 1 cr exec. to make your company
Traveling helps in expanding horizon 
Brand should live for generations and outgrow the originals

being organised

I have been a collector and hoarder all my life. It takes a lot of efforts to find things you like ( it gets crazier when you have wide range of interests ) and then you start collecting them one by one only to end up stacking and hoarding them and spending tonnes of time in organizing them. After so many years of experience, I can safely say that you cannot sort out mess. You have to just get rid of it at once.

So what's the trick to remove (clutter) from your life ( which worked out really well for me)?

you are cluttered and you are fed up with it. with abundance, your brain losses its ability to comprehend, timings should be clean to have a clutter free mind or better just be organised.

here is a quick tip to be organized. go to your room. get a carton, pick all of the things you won’t be using for next 6 months and put them in your carton and put it in your storeroom.

easily half of your mess will be gone right away. depending on the amount of mess you have, keep on reducing the amount of time in every iteration unless you are absolutely satisfied with what you are left with.

If you are having absurd amount of notes / personal diaries, identify parts of them you can make public and put them on your blog. Let even world know about what all crazy ideas you possess. If you are too shy to admit them, then start an anonymous blog too. Let it build your fan base.

Just be light and take a breathe of relief.

What am I upto?

I always ask myself What I am upto?
Just to ensure that I am on same page with myself, it is a wake up blog post for me.

  • mining minds of most intelligent people around and learning things faster than everyone around.
  • traveling around in ahmedabad, mumbai and delhi
  • mastering nuances of finance
  • devouring concepts of marketing
  • trying to turn beingskilled into an ed-tech company empowering billions around the globe
  • writing articles will can make this world more informed

Business Idea Mock ups ~ Circa 2012

Human Resources Consultancy is one of the most interesting domains for me. And for more than 8 years now, I have been striving to work in the domain of Careers.

Following are some of the random mock-ups I worked upon.

SkilledInterns was most successful among them yet I closed it prematurely. Distraction is evil.


Good Old days of Uni2versity

The demise of Uni2versity taught me great deal of things. First of all, when you are making a generic platform, think it through. Check if that is financially viable concept. If it is bootstrapped, plan out how you will sustain it in upcoming days. You will have put in great deal of sweat, money, time. Do you have all of them.


Note to self

When you have stressed your mind so hard, you will achieve the enlightenment - to be greatest and smartest of it. more than that, your capability to understand the minds of professors who have spent crucial time of their lives amassing knowledge through persistent research will increase.
you will become more receptive, more observant. your ability to mine the documents will increase phenomenally.

That’s why you need to work hard now, to observe and to be greatest academician and practitioner you possibly can become.

Work, Work hard.

Daily Blog

Thoughts after Reading Paul Graham ( His & now they have become mine ):

Human Nature remains same. It had been like this for millennia. But everything else is not so static and keep on changing ( evolving rather ).

How would you cope up with that stay abreast with all the changes.

Programming has got such a beauty that you can make something which has 100x to 1 million times the value as compared to the salary of a person.

Surround yourself with people who keeps on ideating. That helps in gauging if your ideas have become obsolete or not.

Focus on becoming earnest, energetic and independent-minded person.

writing about topic / betting ( in tangible form ) on future trends makes you more focused, responsible than becoming someone who just comments.

becoming a domain expert ( takes an year long hardship ) - sub conscious mind of a domain expert generates ideas, which can be random in nature but are worth exploring.

ideas - keep on solving problems for having more.

Keep on doing things, sail with the wind. Be open minded ( receptive to changes ) and evolve.

Be afraid of failure - After listening to Sharukh Khan's Session at Yale ( on YouTube ).

What is the future of Cloud based Enterprise level IT Solutions ?

IT Infrastructures are complex. Maintaining them is definitely a rocket science. It is also not very inexpensive.

With IT technologies upgrading at phenomenal rate, staying updated with latest trends isn’t cheap and requires ongoing training and research.

Therefore the complexity of IT Infrastructure is increasing and companies have to have personnel who are equipped with right skills to manage them.

In Modern Organisations, IT is at the core of all departments of organization making IT an integral part of the organisation.

Now either these organisations keeps on maintaining the IT Infrastructure themselves or they can start opting the Cloud Computing Services which are fixing this pain area.

No longer companies have to invest millions of dollars in setting up IT Infrastructure on-premise as they can opt for all Cloud Based Software Solutions for their organization.

So what are the main advantages of Cloud Computing ?

  • Reduced IT Department size
  • Less expenditure on IT Infrastructure ( As per Microsoft, 89% of the IT Budget is spent on maintenance and infrastructure ).
  • Reducing massively sub optimally used resources.
  • Great Return on Investment
  • Work force will spend more time on Company’s Line of business than struggling with the Infra.
  • Flexibility of accessing the Cloud Applications across wide range of mobile devices and is not geographically constraint.
  • Applications and Security updates are taken care of by the service provider.
  • Increased Productivity
  • Collaborative environment - since the application is internet dependant and is not geographically constrained, users can work together on the same application simultaneously.
    Per user costing. If you are a small enterprise, the pay per user costing will be very effective. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars on setting up the infrastructure as you can access the same application using internet in fraction of the cost.
  • Upgrade the subscription as you grow.
  • Don’t have to own technology to compete effectively.
  • Owning all processes of IT burdens and hampers your growth. outsourcing it to specialists makes it more productive.

But there are skeptics who are arguing the advantages and following is their take:
Internet dependency - since internet is major dedepency, any major break down will completely cause downtime leading to massive losses. But statistically, chances of occurrence of this is very low.
redundancy is the key.

Visit to Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad ( India )

Jagriti Yatra holds a very special place in my heart. During this Yatra, I visited Ahmedabad for the first time.
This is the video I recorded while I was at the Sabarmati Ashram.

Listen to how massively Mahatma Gandhi contributed to Indian Society ( as per the speaker ).