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Installing Php7, Mysql, Phpmyadmin on Debian/ Ubuntu

Since PHP7 is prerequisite for Drupal8, I had to upgrade the Php version to 7 from 6 and also the Mysql versions which certainly introduced multiple changes in the implementation. 
Following are some of the links which were extremely useful in setting up the LAMP setup correctly. 
It is important to know that once you have upgraded to MySQL to Version 5.7, you cannot login into PhpMyadmin as the root user. Following link helped me understand that.
1. Run mysql_secure_installation to remove the test database and any extraneous user permissions added during the initial installation process:
2. sudo mysql_secure_installation
3. It is recommended that you select yes (y) for all questions. If you already have a secure root password, you do not need to change it.
Set Up a MySQL Database
Next, you can create a database and grant your users permissions to use databases.
1. Log in to MySQL:
2. mysql -u root -p
3. Enter MySQL’s root password when prompted.
4. Create a database and grant your users permissions on it. Change the database name (webdata) and username (username). Change the password (password):
5. Create database webdata;
6. Grant all on webdata.* to 'username' identified by 'password';
7. Exit MySQL:
8. Quit
Some of the commands which always help me while reinstalling Php7, PMA, MYSQL are:- 
- UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('password') WHERE User='root';
- CREATE USER 'newuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; ( This is for creating a new user which you will use for logging into PMA as root users cannot login from Mysql 5.7 onwards)
- GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO 'newuser'@'localhost'; ( This is used for granting super user permissions to the new user created ).

About Jagriti Yatra

Thoughts for entrepreneurs

By no means I am a successful entrepreneur and certainly it will take 3-5 years more to become a successful one. But there were learnings from past initiatives which I have compiled and I wanted to share.

Follow are they: 


Secret of building confidence - Start meeting people.

Start meeting people.

  • Meet everyone and learn from them. Partner with them if possible but just keep meeting and learning from them. There will be some embarrassing moments but that's okay. If the idea clicks, you become successful, your confidence will grow and that will empower you.
  • Secret of building super confidence is in meeting people.
  • Confidence might get shaken in between the way but it will soar when you will continue meeting more people.

Don’t miss any chance of meeting people. NETWORK!


Things to keep in mind while investing

Humility, especially intellectual.

Being humble in investing isn’t about doubting yourself or believing that you are unworthy or unintelligent but it is about being humble about our intellect, it is about asking yourself if what we know or what we are doing is correct. Also are we adjusting our beliefs according to the new information being received. It is being intellectually humble.

Philip Tetlock wrote in Superforecasting that the true humility in investing is about recognizing that reality is profoundly complex, that seeing things clearly is a constant struggle when it can be done at all, and that human judgment must therefore be riddled with mistakes.

Very few investors have the nerve to say “ I don’t know” But that’s how you build humility in your investment process. If you start with “ I don’t lknow” then you are unlikely to act so boldly as to get into trouble.