Learnings from eZDI - Tie Ahmedabad Tech Talk ( by Mr. Selvam Velmurugan ) IMDC, IIM-A New Campus, B/H CiiE Building

Following are the learnings I had during the event eZDI - Tie Ahmedabad Tech Talk ( by Mr. Selvam Velmurugan ) which I attended on 17.05.2015

  1. Netflix's Company culture deck - important and valuable document
    1. Netflix deck - Must read it. Most beautiful document ever written in the valley. 
  2. At times, company will be too big for you.
  3. The visionary of the company is critical. Walk the talk ( in Netflix )
  4. Investing in technologies in parallel to core business.
  5. Internal interviews for switching departments within company.
  6. Building sophisticated tools / systems for your business.
  7. Data storage / Server is source of truth. You can't have multiple sot.
  8. Intelligently studying, monitoring behavior of competitors ( context : fetching data for product & pricing comparison feature -- Amazon )
  9. When business is earning bad karma, a new business will emerge to take over.
  10. Every company can have mundane set of works as well as the interesting ones. A person may suit himself nicely in either and will fail to do so in the other one.
  11. Laser focus on one business model.
    1. When you dilute your focus then people will be suspicious about quality and delivery of your service / product.
  12. Groupon -
    1. Art of communicating the long term vision.
    2. Providing a platform to local merchants to promote their new products.
    3. Development center in Seattle in 2012.
    4. Simplest business model.
    5. Managed CRM & Subscription
    6. Striking deals with merchants. Early days, they had 10000 sales person.
    7. Eventually no. Decreased by automation.
    8. Expanded by acquisition in different countries.
    9. Consolidated countries by regions like APAC.
    10. Building tools for incentive, email campaign management, audience, subscription.
    11. Defining definition of audition and building incentive for them. Like those customers who spent 100 bucks in last 1 year but didn't come online. Now incentivizing them accordingly.
  13. Quantified self - fitbit, basis,
    1. Wireless electricity
    2. Home automation
  14. Making value proposition very clear to the partners so that they don't show immature behavior  towards the customers.
  15. How you are deciding company to work with
    1. Leaders should be having humility, be visionary
    2. More meaningful to work
    3. Pay matters
    4. You have to be excited towards the company / work they do.
    5. Search is commodotized. You don't have to reinvent wheel by writing new search engine. Use the ones which are already available unless you have specific and sophisticated requirement.
  16. Company's culture
    1. Focus on the customer again and again
    2. Own the experience from end to end
    3. Being blunt -- No ifs & buts
    4. Bar raiser is a person who ensures that candidate will be good for culture / long term, focus on soft skills - simple solution for complex problem.
  17. New software company
    1. Quick Prototyping
    2. Core user experience
  18. Technology is enabler. You have to work on both customer service as well as technology aspects.

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