Points to remember While construction:

Recently we got our house constructed and it was such a tedious work. Construction lasted for months and we rented out a home to ensure that we don’t have to worry about all the dust and noise. Like any project, getting home constructed wasn’t a easy feat as there were so many things we weren’t aware of. But its like everyone has to struggle for the first time.  Following are some of the points to remember ( I am not aware of many Englist words so leave comments so that I can improve it further ):

  • Rodi should be even – with tool.
  • Agreement has to be in writing with the Contractor. 
  • Parafeet is a must and the contractor will construct it too.
  • He should write every aspect of construction in the agreement. 
  • Construction linked payment. 50% payment upto lanture.
  • Taraaai – who will do that — Own or them? 
  • Grill will be done by constructor 
  • Sand dust should be cleaned / net before using for plastering. ( 4 sand/2 dust/1 cement ) 
  • Water tank base – the cost has to be included. – we paid extra. 
  • Monty wall has to be 9” not 4.5”.
  • The ratio of stone dust should be higher for strengthening.
  • Breakup – Payment should be fragmented – modular – cost of each work has to be mapped out. 
  • If the outer walls are ( on L & R ) are not having any support, they must be plastered for more strength.
  • The water tank should be at height as it needs good potential energy for maintaining pressure ( whats the upper bound?) – that’s for 2nd floor
  • Individual pipelines should be available for every floor from the water tank so that they remain independent. 
  • Horizontal beam should be more to accommodate unanticipated additional load which can be added in the future on the lanture. 
  • Slope of the floors is critical to review. 
  • All payments should be made using cheque and countersigned by both parties. 
  • Modular kitchen — Stones + Stone Slab will be adjusted.
  • Air removing Machine / Vibrator for lanture + concrete mixer machine payment will be done by contractor + cost of INR 700 water tank

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