The greatness within

Story of various frogs who wanted to climb a tree but failed. There were a few more and they didn’t gather the courage to climb because they heard others failing and how difficult it was to climb the tree. But there was this frog, who relentlessly tried over and over and eventually climbed the tree. The frog was deaf and didn’t hear any of the fellow frogs. Therefore, be a frog which doesn’t hear any distraction , doesn’t see any distraction. be blind and deaf to all your troubles. Keep on fighting. Never take a NO.
– Take on highest responsibility of your organisation.
Attack your enemies without telling anything, attack without any information, surprise your enemies. If you have really to, appear to be vulnerable, weak. Let your enemies play around with you.
Know every single element of your empire, your land, focus on your business / work / goal.
You don’t have to be blood relative of your idol. The relationships are formed by the feelings, shared vision. Let their great dream be your dream.

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