Branding means Singularity

Often we look at Brand and we are filled with positive emotions. Brands like ZARA, MARS, TATA, Apple, Google, Virgin are some of the World’s most admired companies. Most of them are decades old, yet love for them keeps on increasing every single day.

So, what is it that differentiates most admired companies with the moderatedly / least admired ones?

Key to answer is forgetting the concept of singularity.

Branding is synonym to Singular and if you cannot get this thing straightly, there will be recuppertions.

FMCG brands like P&G has over 150 sub-brands / product lines, each (assumption) of them having their own Marketing and PR Department. A single sane customer cannot remember all of the names resulting in dilution of Brand.

Had the product lines be under single Brand, remembering them would have been easy. TATA ( a conglomerate ) for example has every single company under the TATA Brand, for example: TATA STEEL, TATA MOTORS, TATA SALT, TATA CHEMICALS, etc. Since the TATA is very trusted brand, all of its Product Lines instantly becomes trustable.

It takes minimal sense to relate the trust with entire brand once you have trust built with any of the Brand’s product line. Rest of the products are marketed by that one Product which is happily used by the Customer.

Likewise, All products of Apple carry Apple Brand Logo. There is no Mango or anyother logo on the devices. Product Recognition by Customer becomes stronger which is a sign of efficient Branding.

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