How I saved thousands by just 1 tweet

Imagine having bought a pair of jeans and getting it altered to further discovering that it didn’t fit you well ( perhaps because of your negligence or company’s misaligned inventory ). 

Having about INR 2000 at stake, you request the Customer Support to help you with that. But they didn’t help, to save themselves from prospective losses, probably.

Now the buyer the tweets about it to the Company and guess what happens, first they assured the support from their team, second within a few hours a call is received for understanding the issue, third confirming the exchange of jeans.

The buyer eventually saves himself from the loss of 2000 bucks that too with just one tweet. 

The buyer was me, and to thank them, a few days after, I did quite a lot of shopping ( Bought 2.5x worth of things ). 

#Shopping season at #Westside @WestsideStores

— Gaurang Aggarwal (@igaurangagrawal) January 3, 2015

For the buyer, it became the best experience ever and Company somehow increased the revenue.

#Westside at #Ahmedabad is amazing. Amazing Customer Service and experience. I love @WestsideStores 🙂

— Gaurang Aggarwal (@igaurangagrawal) December 8, 2014

And had there been zero interaction through Twitter, the loyal customer might have become the disgruntled one and company would have suffered intangible losses in coming days / weeks / months. 

That’s one of the thousand incidents which happens on daily basis. Companies which are continuously finding ways to interact with their audience or better prospective buyers are at very high advantage as compared to those who aren’t interacting at all.

We are moving from information age to Social Age where almost everyone is connecting with each other through one channel or another and not connecting due to not having proper channels is simply an excuse. 

Brands have to become active on Social Channels, explore and understand what their audience is talking about, what’s trending and somehow associate their products with the trend to stay relevant and continuously interact with the audience by either sharing relevant content or commenting on the activities of the audience. 

As the engagement increases, humanification of brand takes place and people starts connecting with the brand and eventually forms the relationship. ( One great example is Paulo Coelho )

@paulocoelho me gustaría borrar de mi mente lo leído. Solo para leerlo de nuevo y tener la misma curiosidad de antes.

— Deisy (@Loreagny_) March 9, 2015

Having this relationship lets Brands sell their products and services at extremely high speed, for e.g..: the notion of Pre-Booking Mobile Phones, Books released by authors. 

Authors have built relationship with users through Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn, Instagram, Pininterest by sharing content of audience’s interest, responding to them periodically, solving their queries, sharing their fans’ photos with their products, etc. So when any book they pre-launch, thousands of people / followers converts into buyers. 

Wednesday faces

— Paulo Coelho (@paulocoelho) February 18, 2015

My office

A photo posted by Paulo Coelho (@paulocoelho) on

Feb 24, 2015 at 12:24pm PST

Engagements helps brands solve queries of their customers in real-time basis which improves the customer experience drastically. 

Love is what makes you smile when you are tired

— Paulo Coelho (@paulocoelho) February 24, 2015

We are living in the era of “Selling at Scale”, where Brand’s engagement with their Customers has become indispensable which leads to great user experience, increased sales and free marketing through word of mouth in scale

The true lover

— Paulo Coelho (@paulocoelho) February 26, 2015

Bottom-line : If spending 60 minutes on daily basis can get you 1-2 multi-thousand dollars deal then it’s a great ROI. ( Isn’t it ? )

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Digital Marketing Guru and he interacts with his audience in a very interesting way. He records video and answer his visitor’s questions through it.


Written for Ad:Tech : Topic : Leveraging engagement to deliver real business results

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