How to engage with influencers who have been vocal about your brand?

Offer your loyal customers something – perhaps a goodie, a surprise.

The more your loyal followers will speak about you, better your word to mouth publicity will get and their followers will become your prospect.

Consider a lifetime value of a customer as well as the size of their network – as the benchmark / critical metric for your marketing / targeting efforts.

A customer ( for e.g.: flyer ) at 27 is definitely going to use more services ( for e.g.: travel ) every year – possibly more than the previous year. Therefore it is prudent to identify personas of your customers and offer different packages / surprises to them so that they just won’t stop speaking about you.

The impressions they will fetch for you in yours / their posts will mostly exceed the amount of impressions the brand gets by itself.

Since social media is all about community, it is the people / followers who makes the brand stronger or weak.

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