Engaging with your audience well

Social Media is all about engaging with the target audience ( prospective customers – now, 1-5 years down the line ), interacting with them and staying relevant for them. 

Major brands have mastered the art of connecting with their audience. Some of the prominent examples are: Apple, Zara, Westside, and the recent amazing experience I had with Sennheiser. Here is what happened with me when I posted a post about how amazing my sennheiser headphones were:

and after not so long time, I started receiving notifications from Sennheiser itself. 

now that’s what leads to user’s/ consumer’s delight, doesn’t it? 

Someone from their marketing team took out a few seconds to interact with their customer by leaving a comment. 

Indeed that gesture is memorable for the consumers and it delights them, it keeps them loyal since the element of personal touch is dear to everyone ( afterall most of us still are human ). 

So as a marketer, you need to engage with real humans over the digital platforms. If you will master this and start creating content which touches their minds and hearts equally then no one can stop yourself from becoming a great communicator. 

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