YouTube – a rapidly growing marketing channel

YouTube happens to be one of the most visited platforms by audience of all demographics. Videos being a true-multimedia, meaning it contains text, images, sound and therefore leads to highest engagement and recalling possible.

With the emergence of cheap smartphones which practically everyone can afford and affordability of data packs have increased drastically, online video accounts for 70% of the country’s total internet data consumption.

This is where lies sweet spot for YouTube which is de-facto platform for video content created by brands, vloggers.

YouTube currently have user base of 265M users who visits on monthly basis.

Some of the great examples of video creative which had gone viral in the past are:

So why have video creative to communicate your brand story?

As the tech savvy Indian population will surge, so will the number of video-hungry audience browsing the web hunting for content which would make them feel inspired, empowered, informed or entertained.

Videos/ YouTube has the power to give any brand the power to reach, engage and convert its most valuable and targeted audiences in the right moments — whether they are seeing a brand for the first time or the time when they are about to make a purchase. The more they see the brand, the brand recalling ability increases and so does the trust which is critical element for making sales.

When brands are present, results follow.

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