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GIF Support by Social Media Platforms

GIFs files have existed for decades now which in the beginning were extremely popular and later on the charm of GIF almost disappeared. Thanks to Social Media platforms, the GIFs are back in business and are being used frequently by users in the form of memes by youth and informative messaging assets by corporates, making it one of the indispensible media types for usage.

What's your goal out of Digital Marketing activities?

Social Marketing has become an affordable and most handy way to market businesses of all kinds and sizes. Social Media Marketing gives you ways to measure how many people did your message reach to, how many times was your post displayed to audience, how many times did the audience interact with your posts. With that in mind, we can derive our objectives of marketing, would you like your message to be seen by maximum or your post should be engaging well with the audience.

How to increase followers of your YouTube Channel?

Whether you are a professional or a corporate, an artist or a musician, YouTube is as relevant for you as L'Olympia is for Opera. YouTube is a modern digital theater, concert hall, opera and what not.

So as an artist what are some of the measures which you can undertake to increase the numbers of subscribers of your YouTube channel?

What are Social Media Cards or Social Previews?

Social Media is one of the most loved digital marketing channels by Digital Marketers. Some of the prominent Social Media platform happens to be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and each of them supports different media types such as Images, Videos, and there's one not so new type of media, which is Social Media Cards.

Social Media Asset Sizes for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Images if used in any of the Social Media posts — must have platform specific sizes. Following are the ideal Image sizes of respective Social Media platforms:

Facebook 1024x 535
LinkedIn – 1024x 535
Twitter – 1024x 535 // Minimum 440 x 220 (2:1 Ratio) 1200 x 628 pixels
Instagram –
Website card —

Facebook -1,200 x 630
LinkedIn –
Twiter – 1024x 535

Remove social media authorisations from your accounts

These days you can login into most of the well known applications like Hootsuite, Buffer using your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So how will you be able to remove such integrations from your social accounts? Well, here is the process:

Things to remember while organizing an event -

Every event organiser have some unique insights about management, logistics and what not.

After attending dozens of conferences organised by Franchise India, Nasscom (Product & Emerge Conclaves), Tie Delhi/ NCR and organising dozen of meetups, I gained some insights.

  1. Check the weather forecast
  2. Timing of the event should factor in the commuting time of audience, any possible road blockage because of some event can lead to delay.
  3. Organizers should reach before time.