When boss of the bosses leaves ~ My First Job – Shikshantar

Shikshantar was my first full-time job and I truly loved it. Being one of the best schools of Gurgaon, it had some of the finest teachers, staff members with whom I worked closely and also really brilliant students. I worked there for 14 months and every single day had its set of challenges, learnings and each of them has now become a great memory which I deeply cherish.   

I had 4 lady bosses ( 1 reporting one and 3 department heads ) and all of them were equally brilliant and perfectionist. 

When the boss of the bosses was leaving the Shikshantar due to her medical conditions, it was emotional moment for all and we had great farewell party for her. Everyone spoke something nice about her ( doesn’t matter how much they suffered from her chase for seeking perfection in everything she touched ). 

So here is what  i wrote for her:
When I was new in Shikshantar , I was really really nervous but she was so supportive that I picked up quite rapidly . 
She is a perfectionist and it was very inspiring to work with her . 
An elder sister gets mad on her lil brother , but deep down she loves him , cares about him . 
The same way , She wasn’t just a boss , I found myself an elder sister in her . 

In Shikshantar we address every fellow coworker as Didi or bhaiya which forms really solid bond among each other. 

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