customer delight – critical piece for amazing product

So someone was cribbing about not including Galaxy S2 & including Apple’s iPhone as one of the best phone in the “Best phones list” in post : HTTP://WWW.PCADVISOR.CO.UK/TEST-CENTRE/MOBILE-PHONE/3210667/15-BEST-SMAR… .
Then I had to speak out. This is what I said :

I own a HTC One X , it crashed thrice and I lost my data ( which I didn’t back up ). HTC support sucks.

About Samsung Galaxy, after an year, it started malfunctioning, screen has got dead pixels and tap isn’t working on a few areas.

About Apple, It’s an amazing ecosystem. I own a Mac, i had issues, I took it to Apple Care, they replaced the parts without hassles on priority. I have iPad 2 too, been amazing so far.
Apple sells not because of “The brand” but because of built quality ( check tech specs ) , amazing support, amazing integration among different devices.

  • enough said

People are agreeing to it :))

PS : HTC Customer Care services are really bad in India & they should certainly work on that.

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