being organised is an art

I have been a collector and hoarder all my life. It takes a lot of efforts to find things you really like (it gets crazier when you have wide range of interests) and then you start collecting them one by one only to end up stacking,hoarding them and spending tonnes of time in organizing them. After so many years of experience of doing that, I can safely conclude that you cannot sort out the mess. You just have to get rid of it at once (have a strong heart!).

So what‘s the trick to remove (clutter) from your life ( which worked out really well for me)?

you are cluttered and you are fed up with it. with abundance, your brain losses its ability to comprehend, without which you won’t have a clutter free mind so why not just be better organised.

here is a quick tip to get organized. go to your room. get a carton, pack all the things you won’t be using for next 6 months and put them in the carton and hide it deep inside your storeroom.

easily half of your mess will be gone right away. depending on the amount of mess you have, keep on reducing the amount of time in every iteration (from 6 months to 3 months to further 1 month) till you are absolutely satisfied with what you are left with.

If you are having absurdly large amount of notes / personal diaries, identify parts of them you can make public and put them on your blog. Let even world know about what all crazy ideas you possess. If you are too shy to admit them, then start an anonymous blog as well. Convert into stories and make your new fans through that.

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Just be light and take a breathe of relief.

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