How to lead a paper less life?

So if you are like me, you must be having 100 to 1000 of pages full of notes – which can be your poems, your secret plans and what not. So if maintaining several copies of diaries are becoming pain for you ( which shouldn’t as there is a charm in having diaries and journals ), if you still want to reduce the number of loose sheets then here is what you can do:

1. Click photographs of all the loose papers and pages you want to have in the digital format.
    1. Click in such a way that orientation and sequence remains the same of all the images or else it would be frustrating for you to keep on getting the right orientation of your images.
2. Transfer it to your computer.
3. Install jpegoptim on your system – it basically reduces the sizes of the images ( just in case you are not very particular about the quality  of the pages – this is a brilliant approach ).
    1. Ideally you should reduce the size to 80% of the original size.
4. Now install pdftk – which converts and merges all your images to pdf file with just a single command : pdftk ./*.jpg newfile.pdf and you will have a pdf file with all images converted into a pdf.

If you have more than 50 images – it will take a lot of RAM ( 4-10 GB ) to complete the operation so you won’t be able to do other tasks simultaneously for 5-15 minutes.

Try this and if you like the process, do leave a comment or a suggestion.

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