“Less is more”

I was watching videos of IAS Rawat and in one of the videos he shared an incident where he asked the barber about how much hair gel he should apply. The barber said it doesn’t matter how much or what kind of gel you apply but just remember that “less is more”. Likewise he suggested that for studies while you can source gazillion different kinds of books, notes and other resources but it is important to small limited quality of those and you should be able to achieve mastery over them.

Likewise it is about digital footprint, the smaller it is, easier it becomes to manage your life. Minimalism isn’t a fad but a way to live. In hinduism, monks live a long blissful life by depriving themselves of all things except the absolutely necessary needs. While that’s an extreme level, you can start with owning less things which will make your life comparatively more peaceful.

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