Year of Consolidation

At times, you just have to decide what you want from your life. You have to get your priorities straight, you have to identify what are the things which are worth doing and what all are not.
Over the years, I have occupied myself with a ton of things, thanks to my nature of exploration and wide range of interests. This is the time when I am consolidating everything. All interests, all explorations converge to focus on a few selected things I really want from my life.
Everyone has some parameters / matrices according to which they gauge their effectiveness, their self-worth, their achievements, their success. I have defined a few for myself which I am extremely keen to limit and focus on.

At times, you just have to take decisions to get things which you exactly want from your life, no strolling around, just focusing on things which matter!

For me, the priorities have just changed ( for good ).

I wish you all very best luck in identifies those, getting your priorities right and achieve whatever you dream of.

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