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Gateway of India

I doubt if even 1 in 10 Indian knows about why Gateway of India was constructed.

Selected for Jagriti Yatra 2011

Love for Pokemon was so profound back then

Press Release: Selected for Jagriti Yatra 2013

Press Release: Street Play for "Volunteer for better India" by Art of Living

I never thought I could do Street Plays but I always fancied them. I first saw them during Slut Walk at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi where Asmita Group volunteered. They were absolutely amazing. I had to do it.

Been an ardent follower of Sri Sri ( Art of Living ), I got an opportunity to do it during the massive Campaign "Volunteer for better India". We performed at multiple locations in Faridabad.

Idea was to create awareness about eradicating Social Ills like Female foetocide, Illiteracy, etc.

Following is the Press coverage: