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just a thought for marketers #1

You cannot do good marketing of bad product, nor you can market well without proper knowledge of the product / services you are selling.

Trending Linux Distributions all over the World - An analysis

Linux based Operating Systems have increased their market share considerably in last 10 years. With more than 50 Linux Distributions available to experiment with, Linux surely takes care of your hunger for learning more. 

Ubuntu is ultra user friendly Operating System and perhaps that's the reasons why Ubuntu is the most sought after Linux Distribution. Others are: Debian ( Ubuntu is based on it ), Fedora, Red Hat ( Enterprise Level Linux Distro ), OpenSUSE, etc. 

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What is "user agent stylesheet" in CSS / Web Browser ?

When you are debugging the CSS, there will be times when you will see "user agent stylesheet".

So what is this "user agent stylesheet"

These are the CSS values generated by your Web Browser. Whenever the values of properties are not defined, Web browser tries to define them for you. 

If you don't want the defaults then there are two ways to get rid of them, which are as follows:-

1. Explictly define the values of the propertyies in your CSS StyleSheets. 

2. Try including normalize.css ( Click here to download it ) or reset.css ( Click here to see it ). Reset.css resets everything and you will have to define values of each property. Normalize.css preserve the important ones and is very nicely documented. To understand the difference between these two, Click here.

Things I have learnt from Age of Empires

Following is the list of lessons I have learnt from Age of Empires:

1. Identify critical resources for your organization without which your organization won’t thrive at all.

2. Attack your competitors when you have some viable resources / army / technology which gives your leverage.

3. Have skilled resources at cheapest possible compensation in early stage to grow fast and exponentially. 

4. Have a few employees in Research & Development Department to eventually build up some new technology.

5. Automate 1-2 micro revenue channels which brings small amount of money continuously, for example: dividend

Are you a tourist traveling in India ?

It's quite depressing to read India Travel stories wherein Travelers suffers due to various reasons. I just read: and I really think every Indian should start making experience of tourists a memorable one !
If you are someone who is traveling to Gujarat / Rajasthan then write an e-mail to me / fill this form. I will show you around Ahmedabad, Vadodara ( in June / July ) / Rajasthan, Delhi ( August, September , October, November, December ) and all the best possible places around and I will ensure that your visit will be memorable one. 
India is a land of diversity wherein you will witness extremes ( extreme poverty to extreme riches, extremely undeveloped place to places full of buildings having marvelous architecture ). To understand India, you will have to experience the parallel worlds. So at times, it may become emotion draining exercise to travel but rest of the times it will be a pleasant experience. 
I have been a traveler for years now, exploring different parts of India and understanding different cultures, trying local cuisines and different versions of history behind every single monument I have been to. 
I will be adding some travel stories very soon.
And Yes, contact me if you are traveling to India soon.