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Diaries, I love writing them.

Over the course of 4 years , I wrote about 7000 pieces of notes which included my diaries, random thoughts, my billion dollar ideas.

Quarter of them I got from my old E63, flat html files ( about 1500 of them ), rest of them were downloaded as archive from Awesome Simplenotes & Catch Notes making app which stopped their operations permanently.
I had to get them on track so I migrated everything to evernote.

First 4 files of each of these text file was appended with data relevent to not me.

So i had to get rid of it.

I ran following script in the folder where these txt files were present.


for i in {1..8000}
sed '1,3d' note\ $i.txt > note12\ $i.txt
rm note\ $i.txt

Assuming I had to do this entire tedious task by myself, for each file i would have taken atleast 20s minimum. For 7038 files = 20*7038=140760 seconds / 60 = 2346 minutes / 60 = 39.1 hours
By doing research about SED command , bit of scripting basics and final execution, took me less than an hour.

In total I saved 38 hours and I was left with all of my precious notes which will be imported in my new notes app ( evernote, it is )

not living in a present moment

Do you remember the time when you were not living in the present moment. I do , I certainly do. I am sure I have to drop this nasty habit now !


Making life clutter free

Staying out of E-mail trouble

It might look very tempting to subscribe to all the free / paid services available online but after a few months when your inbox will be flooded by lots of mails , it will become overwhelming situation to actually go through all of them .
It hampers your work , your productivity , your sanity . it increases stress in your body and mind . its bad .
Subscribe from all the services which you don't require .

fondness of *William Shakespeare*

i am fond of William Shakespeare . he is among a few authors whose book I started reading back in 2000s when I was 10 .
With so many amazing memories , all of the characters used to come in my dreams .
the way william used to write , making sense out of it was quite challenging at times .
some amazing lines from
 merchant of venice 


In sooth, I know not why I am so sad:
It wearies me;
you say it wearies you;

But how I caught it, found it, or came by it
What stuff ’tis made of, whereof it is born,
I am to learn;

And such a want-wit sadness makes of me,

That I have much ado to know myself.

even now making absolute sense out of this is maddening .
but guess what , what doesn't kills you , makes you stronger ;)

Increasing Productivity - Getting rid of clutter

With 2 mail accounts , with subscriptions of various services like twitter ,facebook, etc.
Problem started when frequency of receiving e-mails increased , along with my utter reluctance to delete them periodically . eventually my inbox have become massive giant of clutter . looking at them was annoying and shear waste of time .
Along with about 80,000 unread mails , i had over 1,00,000 files i hoarded in 4 files from internet - in a hope that i will finish reading them during my duration but ended up finishing only 100 of them.

I have spent 100s of hours in categorising each of them and it was pure waste of time , money , and other important things .

So how to get rid of the mess ?

What I did was :
(i) Creating different e-mail ids for 3 major groups -
i. Family & Friends
ii. Business
iii. Everything else

(ii) Unsubscribe from all unimportant services :
i. Facebook sends so many notifications via e-mail which is annoying . Unsubscribe them .
Same goes with Twitter.
ii. Unsubscribe from rest of the unimportant services .
At bottom of every marketing e-mail you will see "Unsubscribe* link , click it , it will take you to Unsubscribing option .
Complete the process .

(iii). Install a e-mail client : Thunderbird - Awesome , Free E-mail client available for all major Operating System Families : Linux , Windows , Mac
Log in using your e-mail account's credentials .
If you use Gmail services , your settings will be automatically detected .
Sort the emails according to the sender,
Delete the e-mails in bulk by selecting specific sender like Facebook .