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15″MacBook Pro 2011 performance benchmark

DrupalCamp Chennai

Beginning to my Open Source Journey circa 2008

So I joined a college for my bachelors in engineering and that's when I met a senior of mine who was a tech enthusiast. He introduced me to the world of Open Source. 


Best practices for fulfilling career

  • Sending monthly update to stakeholders - whether board or your bosses is a good habit.
    • It answers important questions such as:
      • Are all efforts aligned to achieving the large goals?
      • Did we make enough process towards it in last 30 days.
    • That kind of introspection acts as a detox from day to day grinding which we do. 
    • Likewise, meeting with your immediate boss/ board member for getting into business details leads to next level of attention to the larger goals. 
    • Doing that consistently over the period of time has exponential compounding effect. 
    • Source -
  • Practice until you master it, until it becomes your second behaviour.


Journey of MyIndianOdyssey or MyGlobalOdyssey

Being fond of traveling since childhood, I aspired to build a platform where millions of followers could share their travel stories in any form they want. I founded @myglobalodyssey to make it happen.

Ever since I started the YouTube Channel, I had this hope that I would be able to show aspiring travelers different unseen places to travel to, share the pics and videos which would make them jump them out of their comfort zone to go out in the woods or to the hills and enjoy the nature, the surroundings and whatever they like.

Following are the screenshots of different phases and milestones which I crossed with MyIndianOdyssey.