My trip to the beautiful Port Blair Island (Flights, must visit places, and the enthralling experience)

Port Blair is one of the most incredible classes to visit in India — surely it is far off from mainland India but even though it is few hundred miles away, it is an integral part of India which has witnessed attacks from many countries including Japan.

It has one of the most cruelest jails of ancient times called Cellular jail where hundreds of Indian nationalists were tortured for years.

So my flight to Port Blair was kinda exhausting as I had a connecting flight from Kolkata making the route as New Delhi to Kolkata and Kolkata to Port Blair. I chose Spicejet as it was cheapest option costing me about INR 6500 for one side.

I opted for paid window seats and I didn’t mind paying extra for that considering the fact that it was my trip to two cities I haven’t been to before and I had to record tonnes of videos to make it a memorable experience for myself and for subscribers of my youtube channel (MyIndianOdyssey).

Below video shows how incredible were the clouds.

Roads of Port Blair are extremely beautiful and in the mornings if you will go out for rides then there’s anything which will give you such enthralling experience.

Since I was running short of time, I went to Ross Island in the morning to actually have one island in my checklist. It was a gorgeous beach. The boat ride dropped us there for 2 hours and one way journey took us about 10 mins. The island had many historical buildings, deers, massive desalination plant, an old church and beaches. Water was crystal clear and absolutely flawless.

My return journey was through Vistara flight and it had the layover at Chennai so route was : Port Blair to Chennai to New Delhi.

Since it was the Premium Economy flight, we were offered food twice.

and the Starbucks coffee:

Always remember these –

Always have BSNL/ AIRTEL/ Vodafone Mobile connections with you and never Reliance Jio as it won’t have any live signal there.

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