Tips for booking tickets in Indian Railways

Traveling in India is an adventure in itself. With abundance of choatic streets in most of the places, even reaching at the stations / getting tickets becomes very challenging.

Following are the learnings from my 30,000 kms long journey across India I did in past a few years.

1. While booking Indian Railway ticket, when it will be a short trip of a day or two and you are booking about 10 days before the travel day, ensure that you check availability of both “To”  & “Return” ticket. Chances are there that you may successfully book the “To” ticket with very a few “waiting number”, but what will surprise you is the fact that Return ticket will have very “large waiting number”. So you may end up canceling your “To” ticket if the only way you want to travel is through Train and you want to avoid probability game of Tatkaal.

This is an inexhaustive list. Keep on visiting for more tips.

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