Big Indian Parking mess

Indira Gandhi International Airport Parking.

So one fine day, I went to see off my cousin and family to the Airport. I wanted to save a few bucks and went

Learnings – Park the Car for 30 mins max if I really have to or else they will charge 180 and the price will keep on increasing.

Gurgaon’s CyberHub has also interesting parking fees. It starts with 40 for 2 hours and then Rs 100 per hour.

While large part of india is living under Rs 100 per day, Rs 100 per hour is too extreme but then we just can’t compare these things with each other.

Take away:
When you really have to talk a lot, home is better place. If you really want to understand the theme and surrounding then having a Cab is so much better option.

Usage of Cab is going to increase a lot in upcoming months / years as parking is getting massively expensive, driving in Delhi NCR roads is traumatic and often frustrating as it is full of senseless people driving while talking on phone, hopping around lanes, applying brakes suddenly, holy cows and not so intelligent dogs jumping right in front of your Car.

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